Katya Morozova

Hello! I’m Katya Morozova, Trauma Informed Coach & Somatic Practitioner. 

I’m trained as a NARM practitioner and I’m also trained in Somatic Experiencing.

I specialize in working with developmental trauma, adult relationship trauma, chronic shame, heartbreak, and teaching vulnerability as a relationship skill.

I have a degree in Communications and minor in Psychology. Also, I’ve studied and practiced Vipassana Meditation, am a Strategic-Intervention Coach through the Robbins-Madanes Coach Training Program, studied various communication and conflict-resolutions models, and am a continuous student of psychology specifically honing in on my passion for understanding developmental trauma and attachment theory. 

Before becoming a practitioner I was a seeker. I felt an emptiness inside as a teenager and it was then that I began searching for meaning in life which led me to drugs, alcohol, relationships with partners who were inappropriate in age, and unfortunately many of these explorations only ended in a host of traumatic experiences. 

It was only later I would connect the dots that the chronic loneliness, confusion, and rebellion I experienced as a child and teenager was the result of developmental trauma, and the result of watching my Mother descend into mental illness(Schizophrenia) in my early teens. 

Working on my trauma, and working with trauma wasn’t an intuitive choice for me. Before arriving at the answer I needed I sought out many behavioral and cognitive approaches such as traditional coaching; models like Landmark Education and Tony Robbins. And spiritual practices that were more about overriding “negative” beliefs and emotions, or transcending them. 

While these teaching were well-meaning, and I have retained and applied some of their wisdom it wasn’t until I learned about attachment theory, the principles of developmental trauma, and how body stores trauma on a physiological level that I was able to transform in a sustainable, life-altering way. 

Now, I work with clients from all over the world in my private practice by Zoom. I use my training to explore the deep and often hidden internal conflicts my clients hold underneath their beliefs about themselves and the behaviors that they want to fix to gently resolve those emotional and physiological conflicts. The growth that comes from those resolutions are often profound and life giving; the conversations clients have with themselves begin to shift on their own as do their behaviors. 

It’s these fundamental shifts that allow my clients to have the life and the relationships they most long for.