Case Study: How To Attract A Younger Woman

My client invited me to take multiple curtain calls after we celebrated his victory. What was his victory you ask? 

He met the love of his life at the ripe age of 72, 4 months into our journey together. Not only that, but she’s a total babe and 32 years his junior.

So, he let me transcribe the coaching call that follows; where after dating multiple women he narrowed in on someone special and shared with me how our work had contributed to his budding relationship.

Me: I want hear your wins… I know last couple of times we’ve talked about business since your love life is going so well and you now have some updates for me in the arena of love!

Client: Well, we’ve been going pretty strong!

Me: Who is we?

Client: Well I guess you could call her my girlfriend.

Me: *Squealing*…. “Oh my god” and giggling hysterically at the same high pitch.

Client: Oh my god! I’ve never heard you make that sound before.

Me: Tell me about her!

Client: We met online on match. But since then I’ve deleted everything. Well, she’s 5’9” and she’s athletic and used to play college ball. She’s successful and smart and we share the same sense of humor.

Me: You mean she loves metaphors as much as you do?

Client: Yes!

Client: I’m gonna tell you something… the stuff that you have told me… I wouldn’t say to be more outgoing, but to be more myself. In other words, don’t necessarily hold back! If they like it fine, if they don’t like it that’s their problem and not yours. The clarity of those statements that you and I have gone over have really surprised me…. Well, they’ve surprised me because they work!

Client: But see I think what you’ve done for me as a female telling me this stuff has more resonance than if a male told me this. If it came from a guy I don’t think it would hold that much weight.

Client: And we’ve been through some rough spots and we’ve smoothed them over. For instance if she doesn’t like what I’m doing I’ll ask her point blank. Why does that bother you? And she’s so real and she’ll say because of this, this and this!

She doesn’t play into me and I don’t play into her. In other words we’re looking for that reality! Who’s this real person?

At first I must admit I was frightened, you were echoing stuff in the back of my head. And you said, “you just have to do it because you can’t have a facade.” The fakery doesn’t work anymore and it definitely won’t work for the long run.

Client: I’ll tell you another thing, Katya. I would’ve run two years ago.

I would’ve said this is too good to be true. I don’t deserve it! She’s too good looking… and she’s too this and too that… and I better back off and I would say things that would have her back off from the relationship. And I’m proud of myself! I didn’t do that. 

Me: Wow! Holy shit! That’s amazing!

Client: It really is! I think she’s the coolest thing and she thinks I’m the coolest thing. We give each other room. She’s a busy woman and I’m a busy man and she doesn’t smother me.

Client: But I tell you when we get around each other…Oooooooff … love is in the air!

Me: And you didn’t mention how old she was…

Client: She’s 40! I know!

Client: The crazy thing is she doesn’t care. She likes to poke fun and say she’s not sure how she ended up with an old guy like me… Quite frankly I don’t know either! All I know is I’m a lucky man.

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