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Heal relationship wounds + advocate for yourself = Create a life by your design.



Katya Morozova

Hi, I’m Katya Morozova. I’m a Coach and Advocate for You. 

I’m passionate about helping those who desire to have deep and meaningful relationships but because of life experience have a hard time attracting and maintaining those types of connections. 

My focus is to help you “advocate for yourself” in relationships – As you heal, you connect deeper to your needs and desires, set standards for your relationships and create the relationships and life you want.



Recent Blog Entries

After the avoidant “takes space” they do THIS!

If the avoidant wants a break and they take space they will come to a fork in the road. Here is where they will have to make a CHOICE. Do they want to do what they often do and walk away forever? Or do they want to come back to your relationship and make it work?  To determine what they will do we need to

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Dismissive avoidant “coldness” explained by attachment research

Attachment research explains that the dismissive-avoidant suppress how they feel in their relationships. They do this to manage the stress they feel in intimate relationships which partners of avoidants experience as “coldness”. Attachment research shows that avoidants suppress the specific emotions of sadness and worry. Suppress meaning “to push down”. They toggle between what feels stressful “being vulnerable and showing dependence” and what feels regulating;

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7 Steps To Re-Attract A Dismissive Avoidant Ex

If you’re wondering how to win back your dismissive-avoidant ex, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll discuss the “how” – the steps to reconnect with your avoidant ex – and we’ll dive into the mindset you need to execute the steps effectively. Step 1: Engage the “mind” of a dismissive avoidant ex Reach out in an emotionally neutral and intellectually engaging way.  In another

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