Personal & RElationship Coach

Heal relationship wounds + advocate for yourself = Create a life by your design.



Katya Morozova

Hi, I’m Katya Morozova. I’m a Coach and Advocate for You. 

I’m passionate about helping those who desire to have deep and meaningful relationships but because of life experience have a hard time attracting and maintaining those types of connections. 

My focus is to help you “advocate for yourself” in relationships – As you heal, you connect deeper to your needs and desires, set standards for your relationships and create the relationships and life you want.



Recent Blog Entries

Fearful Avoidant Ex: Heal From Fearful Avoidant Ex-Partner

Healing after a breakup with a fearful-avoidant ex can be especially trying and confusing. There’s a reason why it feels so difficult and luckily there’s also a way to start the healing process. Let’s discuss how to heal and move on from a relationship with a fearful-avoidant ex. Close the door on the relationship The most essential step to move on from your partner is

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