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Heal relationship wounds + advocate for yourself = Create a life by your design.



Katya Morozova

Hi, I’m Katya Morozova. I’m a Coach and Advocate for You. 

I’m passionate about helping those who desire to have deep and meaningful relationships but because of life experience have a hard time attracting and maintaining those types of connections. 

My focus is to help you “advocate for yourself” in relationships – As you heal, you connect deeper to your needs and desires, set standards for your relationships and create the relationships and life you want.



Literally I couldn't have met a possible life partner without knowing you. Our crafted profile for me was asking for her. That's why she messaged me first! Our profiles were uncannily similar, its so weird. I also gave up a bunch of "limiting beliefs" about the kind of woman I was capable of attracting and she fell into my lap. So thanks for everything, Katya!

Steve C.
New York

I think she’s the coolest thing and she thinks I’m the coolest thing. We give each other room. She’s a busy woman and I’m a busy man. But I tell you when we get around each other…Oooooooff … love is in the air! She’s 40! I know! The crazy thing is she doesn’t care. She likes to poke fun and say she’s not sure how she ended up with an old guy like me… Quite frankly I don’t know either! All I know is I’m a lucky man.

Stephen R.
North Carolina

With many of the people I've dated, there's this initial surge of interest that then goes away after a couple of dates. I don't feel that waning this time, in fact, it's getting stronger. Because the more I get to know her the more I find to like about her. I'm so glad that I did this work with you, Katya, so that I didn't repeat my old habits of jumping in too quickly and waited for her.

Tony D.

My experience on dates before was uncomfortable, trying to sell myself, trying to figure out the right things to say… Since you and I have been working together my dating life has been a totally different experience. I'm comfortable, I’ve been able to explore and understand the women I'm dating without defaulting to a people pleaser. I’ve discovered the things that turn me on in a relationship. It’s really fulfilling because I don’t have this invisible pressure that I was putting on myself anymore.

Matt D.
makson-serpa-702744-unsplash (Large)

"Wow! I have the exact same personality, the only thing that has changed is my mindset and a few behaviors."

Bella Jim
Founder & CEO


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