Personal & RElationship Coach

Heal relationship wounds + advocate for yourself = Create a life by your design.



Katya Morozova

Hi, I’m Katya Morozova. I’m a Coach and Advocate for You. 

I’m passionate about helping those who desire to have deep and meaningful relationships but because of life experience have a hard time attracting and maintaining those types of connections. 

My focus is to help you “advocate for yourself” in relationships – As you heal, you connect deeper to your needs and desires, set standards for your relationships and create the relationships and life you want.



Recent Blog Entries

Fearful Avoidant Ex: Heal From Fearful Avoidant Ex-Partner

Healing after a breakup with a fearful-avoidant ex can be especially trying and confusing. There’s a reason why it feels so difficult and luckily there’s also a way to start the healing process. Let’s discuss how to heal and move on from a relationship with a fearful-avoidant ex. Close the door on the relationship The most essential step to move on from your partner is

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How To Powerfully Deal With Rejection From A Woman

Sometimes, I ask my clients to go get feedback after a relationship ends.  That is, if they are curious about “why” it ended when it wasn’t their call. Usually these relationships are shorter ones that end abruptly. It’s always interesting when that happens because there’s so little information to go off of about why the person calling it off thought it wasn’t a good fit.

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