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Heal relationship wounds + advocate for yourself = Create a life by your design.



Katya Morozova

Hi, I’m Katya Morozova. I’m a Coach and Advocate for You. 

I’m passionate about helping those who desire to have deep and meaningful relationships but because of life experience have a hard time attracting and maintaining those types of connections. 

My focus is to help you “advocate for yourself” in relationships – As you heal, you connect deeper to your needs and desires, set standards for your relationships and create the relationships and life you want.



Recent Blog Entries

Dismissive Avoidant “No Contact Stages”: From Relief To Regret

If the dismissive-avoidant ended the relationship with you, and they were invested in it, and you’re currently not in contact with them, then they will likely go through a set of stages. While these stages do vary from person to person; in this article, you can get an idea of what those stages are.  It can be helpful to know the stages if you’re struggling

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Dismissive Avoidant Breakup: Why They Don’t Apologize!

Ever wonder why your dismissive avoidant partner never apologizes? Or when they do, their apologies sound ingenuine and defensive, or they struggle to come up with what they’re even apologizing for. Those with a dismissive avoidant attachment style can often struggle to apologize in intimate relationships. In a worst-case scenario, you may never hear an apology from them at all.  This can be really tough

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