The Confident Man Reviews:
Clients Talk About Their Results

Would you like a better sense of what being coached with The Confident Man is like? Below are some of the results TCM clients have experienced from working with us. Have a listen!


Listen to how Hector overcame anxiety with women and "feeling stuck in life" to creating a fun and fulfilling dating life and reaching his next level in business.

  • I'm dating high quality women; educated, successful entrepreneurs like myself.
  • I've been attracting international women which is a cool bonus!
  • I started dating someone who I''m really digging and because we are open and honest with each other we've become close very quickly.


Listen to how Steve went from isolated post divorce to abundant dating life, to meeting his partner in love, business and life.

  • Going from mid-divorce, isolated, and disconnected to having a thriving dating and social life and being excited about his future.
  • Why he was skeptical of coaching in the beginning and how he decided to "go all in" instead.
  • How he met the love of his life during our work together (they are now engaged and created a business together). Listen till the end if you want to hear about their creative, collaborative venture.


Listen to how Joe he went from "not meeting the right kind of women" and frustrated with dating to meeting the one.

  • The quirks and idiosyncracies he chose to showcase that made him feel more "comfortable in his own skin" on early dates.
  • How he met his partner during our work together on a dating app in one of the most competitive places to date online in the country, NYC.
  • How he continues to apply the tools he learned during his coaching program.

Here's What A Few More Clients Are Saying

Through our work together I gained confidence in myself and recognized what I bring to a relationship. This gave me the guts to break off a relationship that initially I thought was “as good as it gets”. 

The confidence I gained helped me hold out for the right woman and then I met someone special and not even on a dating app. She makes me feel like there’s such a thing as “soulmates” and she’s so different from anyone I’ve ever met. 


Working with Katya helped me advocate for myself in relationship instead of thinking that I always needed to do and be more. 

Now, I have a partner who values the things that I already am; like doing what I say I will, being a very open person, making decisions, and being spontaneous with her.

I’m optimistic and am surrendering to the experience and seeing where things go.